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Basalt Floor Tiles is a very good building decoration material that can be widely used indoors and outdoors, and is mainly used as an outdoor stone. Its natural color, Basalt Tiles can be well coordinated with the surrounding landscape, which is very suitable for outdoor landscape construction. Especially the best choice for paving stone.

What is basalt:
Basalt is a basic volcanic rock. It is the most important constituent of the Earth's oceanic crust and the Moon Moon Sea. It is also an important constituent of the Earth's continental crust and lunar land. In 1546, G. Agricola first described the black rock of Saxony in Germany in the geological literature using the word basalt. The term Chinese basalt is quoted from Japanese. Japan discovered black olive basalt in Xuanwu Cave, Hyogo Prefecture, hence the name.
The main components of basalt are silica, alumina, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide (and a small amount of potassium oxide, sodium oxide), of which silica content is the highest, accounting for about 45 percent. Fifty or so colors, mostly black, dark brown or dark green. Because of its dense texture, its specific gravity is heavier than ordinary granite, limestone, sandstone and shale.
Basalt can be divided into basalt, alkaline basalt and high alumina basalt according to its composition.
Basalt is also a kind of high-quality transportation building stone, especially one of the best building materials in the construction of roads, railways, port terminals, airport runways, etc. It has high compressive strength, low crushing value and wear resistance. It has the characteristics of low water absorption, weak electrical conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and strong asphalt adhesion. It is internationally recognized and is the best cornerstone for the development of railway transportation and road transportation.
At the same time, basalt has excellent compressive and flexural properties, good wear resistance and low water absorption. It is also a very good building decoration material. It can be widely used indoors and outdoors, and is mainly used as outdoor stone. It can be well coordinated with the surrounding landscape, which is very suitable for outdoor landscape construction, especially the best choice for paving stone. However, as mentioned above, basalt is easy to form hexagonal columnar joints, and it is brittle, so the stone blocks are generally small, lacking large materials, and it is not easy to produce large-size plates.
Among them, multi-porous basalt, also known as pumice stone, has many stomata and hard texture. It can be placed in concrete, which can reduce the weight of concrete. It is not only durable, but also has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation. It is a high-rise building. Good aggregate of lightweight concrete. Pumice is also a very good abrasive material, which can be used to grind metal and grindstone. It can also be used as filter, dryer and catalyst in industry. It is also widely used in garden landscape, mainly used as rockery, bonsai, etc. It is also used in home decoration.
The use of basalt is very extensive, and its application is not limited to the construction industry. For example, basalt is a good raw material for the production of "cast stone". After melting casting, crystallization treatment, annealing and other processes, the alloy steel can be formed into a hard and wear-resistant alloy. A new type of material for corrosion resistance of lead and rubber; basalt can also function as a "lubricant" in an advanced process of cast steel, which can be used for long film life; and basalt can also be made into glass fiber. The basalt glass cloth is more resistant to alkali than the general glass cloth and has good high temperature resistance.
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