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Green marble tiles are developed from the mining area to screen the original stones to ensure the color, texture and supply. Green marble tiles can be divided into dark green, light green, large flowers, refinement, etc. The price of green marble varies greatly according to the grade , consult the detailed green marble price, pictures and specifications can be posted online, the common green marble is Dark Cloud,Anasol,Texture Gray,Verde Malachite,Verde San Denise,Green River Onyx,IMPERIAL GREEN,RAINFOREST GREEN.

Chinese marble resources features:

(1) The color is more complete and the variety is diverse, and the series has been formed.

(2) Good quality and best-selling Chinese marble products are of good quality, fine texture, elegant color, beautiful patterns, gloss, decorative performance and performance.

(3) In the proven reserves, the stone varieties are mainly in the mid-range, and the high-grade is less

(4) Some high-quality marble deposits are located in remote mountainous areas, and there are still major difficulties in development.

How to buy marble:
Look at the color of the sample: the color of the sample should be pure and not turbid, the surface has no similar plastic glue texture, and there is no fine pores on the reverse side of the plate.
Smell the sample carefully: The sample smells with the nose and should be a chemical odor without irritation.
Touch the surface of the sample by hand: the surface of the sample should have a silky smooth feel, no flaws, no obvious unevenness.
Use the nail to scratch the surface of the board without visible scratches.
The same two samples are knocked against each other and are not easily broken.
Check whether the product has ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, product warranty card and related anti-counterfeiting mark.
The surface is uniform in color, pure and has no gelatinous texture.
Its internal and venting conditions can also be seen from the side.
The purchase of artificial marble must pay special attention, not only to see the quality, but also to pay attention to environmental performance and after-sales service.

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