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The natural look of Limestone Slabs enhances the aesthetics of the building. Limestone is suitable for a variety of different uses and styles. Limestone Slabs is a pure natural product, from private residences to public schools, churches, courts, museums, etc. Use Limestone as the preferred building material.

Characteristics of limestone:
The beauty of nature: warm colors, gentle texture and natural appearance make limestone an ideal material for all types of decoration.
Decorative: Whether it is to decorate bricks or other materials, or to maintain the harmony of the surrounding environment, the natural appearance of limestone enhances the aesthetics of the building.
Versatility: The functionality of the material is the most important consideration when selecting building materials. Limestone is suitable for a variety of different uses and styles of architecture. In addition, most of the limestone is transported to the site for cutting and installation, thus eliminating the cutting work.
Whether it's using limestone to modify bricks (window, top, wedge, etc.), or trimming or using limestone, warm tones, plus ease of deformability and durability, making it the architect and owner select. Limestone does not have a large size and can be cut and engraved into various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it can be sawed, planed, and can be turned or handcrafted to meet the requirements of architectural design. Limestone uses are used from simple trims, bedding materials to landscape architecture, bridges, and cathedral buildings.
Consistency: One of the advantages of limestone is consistency. Although there are subtle differences in color and texture, limestone is a pure natural product. This is important for the construction of the building under construction, especially in the future.
Durability: If you want to be able to inherit several generations of buildings, the building stone is naturally the choice of limestone. Many universities and national universities are proud of their centuries-old limestone architecture. As they build new buildings, they continue to use ancient materials to match existing buildings and maintain campus consistency.
Many other buildings in the country have a long history of using limestone. From private residences to public schools, churches, courts, museums, etc., various monuments also use limestone as the preferred building material. At the time of expansion, limestone can be well matched with the original stone.
Affordable: The durability and maintenance-free nature of limestone makes it an excellent value for money.
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