Stone Window Sills not only protects the windows, but also makes your room more beautiful. Marble should be the first choice of WindowSills. Why is the window sill better with Marble, mainly Marble material is better, the cost is higher, corresponding to this Threshold We often use Marble, Granite, artificial stone and other materials to lay, Window Sills can also use granite, artificial stone and other materials.

What is the Marble Window Sills,What Kind of Material is Used for the Window Sills:
There are many ways to decorate the window sill. In the home decoration, the decoration of the window sill can not be ignored, you need to choose the appropriate Window Sills plate to decorate the window sill. There are many panels used to decorate the window sill, but the most common one is marble.
What is the window sill
It is the board used for decorating the window sill. It can be in the form of wood veneer or veneer made of wood veneer. It can also be made of cement and stone. The style of the window sill is mainly classified from the material. The common material is marble. Granite, artificial stone, decorative panels and decorative wood.
How about marble window sill
As the name suggests, marble is a kind of stone that gathers the heavens and the earth. It is the stone that has radiation. Not only a lot of stones have radiation, but also all kinds of rocks and soils on the earth, as well as radioactive elements in the water and atmosphere of all rivers, lakes and seas. presence. However, human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years. Not only have they not been harmed by radioactive elements, but the progress of civilization has become faster and faster, and people's lives have become longer and longer.
The radioactive radiation intensity of natural marble is small and generally lower than the average value of the crust. Therefore, natural marble can be used safely at home. Don't worry about the damage caused by radiation to the body.
Dyed marble is very harmful to the human body. Originally natural marble, but the material is not very good, some merchants dye marble for profit, the dye contains formaldehyde, mercury, lead and other substances, and the content is higher than normal level, seriously exceeding the standard. In the decoration process, it not only produces odor, but also the long-term contact of the human body can cause harm to health. Such dyed marbles are rubbed with water and black and other substances appear. After the "beauty" of the marble is still far from the good.
Artificial marble is a new type of architectural decoration material. It uses unsaturated polyester resin as binder and stirs and mixes with inorganic powder such as quartz sand and marble calcite powder. It is cast and formed to cure under the action of curing agent. It is made by processes such as demoulding, drying, and polishing. This type of marble is not harmful to the human body. To purchase artificial marble, it is necessary to check whether there is a “CMA National Radiological Analysis and Testing Qualification Certificate” issued by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and a “Class A Certificate of Environmental Impact Assessment” issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. The quality of the certified manufacturers will be better.
Marble window sill installation steps
1. Prepare the materials and installation tools before installing the marble window sill. Things to be prepared include marble sills, electric welders, saws, hand drills, and hand tools such as planers.
2. Pre-embed wooden bricks or iron pieces on the wall of the window sill that needs to be installed with marble. The specific material should be determined according to the variety of window sill.
3. If the length of the installed marble window sill exceeds 1.5 meters, then it is necessary to add water bricks or iron pieces every 0.5 meters.
4. According to the design requirements, mark the height, position and elevation of the window sill in the lower frame of the window sill.
5. After the position and the line are determined, re-examine the embedded parts to meet the installation requirements. If it does not meet, it is necessary to make corrections in time.
6. Install the bracket according to the design and elevation, then find the location and start installing the marble. Correct the edges of the marble before installation to ensure it is smooth and smooth. Then install the marble directly and finally smooth the gap between the marble and the window sill.
What kind of material is used for the window sill?
1. Marble: Marble should be the first choice for window sills, but the premise is that the selected color texture is ideal. The advantages of marble sill panels are beautiful colors, various textures, and splash-proof rain on the countertops. However, marble may have radiation and is not good for the body, so it is not recommended for use in the bedroom.
2. Granite: Granite texture is mainly granular, and there are many colors. Its color and texture are not as good as marble, but it is harder and more durable than marble.
3, artificial stone: artificial stone high hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature, green, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, and more color, high grade, can maintain a good finish for a long time.
4, composite acrylic window sill: the biggest advantage of acrylic is that it can do any shape, its seamless splicing technology can not be replaced by any other materials. At the same time, acrylic heat conduction is slow. When the room has a large bay window, sitting in the bay window in the sun in winter, warm and cozy, it is really a kind of enjoyment. The downside is that acrylics that are too solid may turn yellow due to long-term exposure to sunlight. Therefore, when choosing acrylic as a window sill, it is best to choose a yellowish warmer color.
5, wooden window sill: wood splicing can reflect the simple wood texture, showing the natural atmosphere. However, the disadvantage of the board is that it cannot be shaped, and the edge of the corner is a big problem. The sheet itself is easily deformed and cracked under the long-term illumination of the sunlight.
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