According to its material, mosaic can be divided into ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic, stainless steel mosaic, etc. Marble mosaic is a kind of mosaic in the medium term development, rich and colorful, and there are many specifications of mosaic on the market. The thickness of glass mosaic is 4 mm. ~8 mm, the thickness of the ceramic mosaic is about 4 mm, the thickness of the stone is large, generally about 1 cm.
Introduction to The Types of Mosaic Materials:
Mosaics can be divided into several different types according to materials and processes. According to the process, glass mosaic can be divided into machine single-sided cutting, machine double-sided cutting and manual cutting. Non-glass mosaic can be divided into ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic and so on according to its material.
Ceramic Mosaic:
It is the most traditional kind of mosaic, famous for its small size, but it is more monotonous and lower grade.
Marble Mosaic:
It is a mosaic of medium-term development, rich and colorful, but its acid and alkali resistance is poor, and its waterproof performance is not good, so the market response is not very good.
Glass Mosaic:
The colorfulness of the glass brings a vibrant life to the mosaic. It is divided into a variety of small varieties depending on the type of glass:
1) Molten glass mosaic. A glass mosaic containing a small amount of bubbles and unmelted particles, which is formed by silicate or the like as a main raw material and melt-molded at a high temperature and which is opaque or semi-opaque.
2) Sintered glass mosaic. Glass frit is used as the main raw material, and a suitable amount of binder is added to make a green body of a certain size; a glass mosaic sintered at a certain temperature.
3) Venus glass mosaic. Containing a small amount of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles, it has a glass mosaic with obvious light and flicker.
Shell Mosaic:
Made of natural shell materials in rivers or seas, it is non-toxic, non-radiative and environmentally friendly.
Mosaic Construction Common Sense:
First of all, pay attention to the mosaic in the bathroom, you need to put water glue, now the most common construction method is "cement + 108 glue + caulking agent" network connection mosaic: because the net is stuck on the back of the mosaic, directly brush the cement during construction, add glue , paste the mosaic, and finally fill the grout, that is, its net is finally connected to the mosaic.
Paper-linked mosaic: Since the paper is attached to the front side of the mosaic, the construction procedure is to first brush the cement, then call the caulking agent on the back of the paper, add glue, paste the mosaic, remove the paper, then brush the grout and wipe it clean. The paper was removed during construction to reveal the front of the mosaic. However, due to the mosaic effect of the mosaic and the level of the mechanics have a lot to do. Good results should be evenly spaced, horizontal and vertical, with a clean joint and a smooth surface.
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