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black marble tiles is fine, shiny and soft, with beautiful patterns and beautiful colors.our white marble tiles are developed from the mining area to screen the rough to ensure the color, texture and supply,we provide black marble specification board pictures, prices, floor tiles mosaic renderings, etc. common black marbles are BLACK MARQUINA,Portoro,Tree Black,IMPERIAL BROWN

How to make a marble renovation:

Marble refurbishment refers to the phenomenon of pollution, weathering, holes, and dullness on marble slabs such as marble floors, walls (or exterior walls), countertops, columns, etc., after which it is necessary to use pharmacy, stone renovation nursing machinery, tools, etc. Cleaning, sanding, and polishing process restores the same luminosity as before the initial installation and a process that makes the marble surface more ornamental.

The refurbished marble deck has the following four effects:

1. Increased hardness: After treatment, the surface is not dusty, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and prolongs the service life of the stone floor.

2, mirror effect: the surface of the terrazzo can reach the same luster of natural stone, and the finish is high. The luminosity can reach 105° or above.

3, good anti-fouling: corrosion resistance, oil, water, anti-seepage, anti-fouling, water absorption is less than 0.5%.

4, easy maintenance: daily cleaning, maintenance is easy, greatly reducing the cost of cleaning and maintenance in the later period, daily use only dust push with electrostatic vacuum dust, regular neutral detergent cleaning or stone care solution polishing marble board.

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