Stone Stairs Step is an indispensable part of the villa's home decoration. The marble staircase not only plays the role of decoration, but also the marble staircase has wear resistance. The stone step stone uses more natural granite, indoor step stone and outdoor stairs. What should be paid attention to in the construction of stone.

Stone Stairs not only plays a role in decoration, but more importantly its durability, marble is the best choice for it.
Usually indoor stair steps are combined with wrought iron handrails, woodwork handrails, and glass slabs to avoid the interior feel too harsh. Outdoor stair step stone, usually made of the same stone as the handrail and railing, such as the handrail of the entrance door railing. Among the stone steps, the most difficult is the stone spiral staircase. Due to the structural specificity, the material characteristics of the stone itself make it difficult to process.
Stairs, stone, commonly used stone: Latte ash, cloud, gray, jazz, white, white, Yugoslavia, Spanish, beige, Egyptian, beige, new emperor, light brown net, white magnolia, etc.
1. Natural stone is the choice of common stair steps. The modern living room decoration emphasizes the natural and natural texture. For the stairway with folding style, the natural stone stair steps are laid out, which is more natural in the light coffee-toned room. The black natural micro-crystal marble surrounds the stairs, making the whole staircase more regular. Form a good combination, wide stair railings, enhance the safety of the care, feel the comfort of home.
2. The white artificial marble in the indoor staircase is bright and luxurious, especially the anti-slip design makes people feel comfortable and comfortable. The simple black glass fence greatly increases the safety of the stairs. The feeling of Chinese.
3. The European-style elegant staircase design is beautiful and exquisite, exudes an elegant and fashionable atmosphere. The style of the rotating rise is very chic, and it also adds a lot of convenience. The micro-crystal marble countertops are laid out, exudes a clear and clean style, and the color is very dirty. It is also more convenient to clean and clean. The sides are metal-engraved guardrail combinations, and the material is very durable.
4. The home-made folding staircase design is very practical, and the small space has been well planned. The light-colored floor tiles are laid on the stairs, exudes a natural and natural atmosphere, and the decorative tiles are placed on the wall to form a good The combination also has a protective effect on the wall.
5. The clear home decoration staircase design is displayed in front of your eyes. The design of the folding style makes good use of the space. In addition, the hollow stair steps are also very textured. The natural stone stair steps are laid out to form a whole, both sides. It is the connection of the tempered glass guardrail. The stainless steel handrail is more stable and durable. It also brings a lot of safe care when going up and down the building. The space inside the room is very spacious, simple and natural.
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