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Onyx  Tiles decoration is elegant and elegant. The common Onyx  Tiles are expensive. Onyx is used directly on the wall without any cutting and splicing. Natural, harmonious and elegant, Onyx is very expensive, but you can often see the building in your life. Used in the decoration, the common Onyx has pink Onyx, white Onyx, orange Onyx, yellow Onyx, black Onyx, color Onyx and so on.

Onyx refers to chalcedony with a ribbon structure, which is a gelatinous mineral whose main component is silica. The hardness is 6.5-7, the specific gravity is 2.65, the fracture is shell-like, transparent to translucent, and the glass is shiny. Onyx is pure white, and it will appear gray, red, blue, etc. due to the presence of colored ions or other impurities. Natural Red Onyx is “burned red” and heat treated to turn the light red Onyx into bright red. High quality white Onyx can also be dyed in a variety of colors. Onyx is often made into bracelets on the market, as well as small pendants and ornaments. Onyx mainly produces Brazil, and China's Onyx is mainly produced in Fuxin City, Liaoning Province.
One way to look at the Onyx color is to look at natural daylight. In the daylight, there is a magical illusion around the Onyx stone, which is the expensive opal in Onyx, which is illuminated by a flashlight because the color of the bulb light affects the Onyx color. It is distorted, so the flashlight is usually used to observe the internal organization of Onyx, with or without cracks, impurities, etc., not using a flashlight to observe and determine the Onyx color.
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