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Natural yellow marble tiles are popular in home decoration, especially nowadays local gold, yellow represents extravagance and wealth, yellow marble tiles in the designer's eyes and many tones perfectly match, the popular yellow marble tiles design pictures, prices and The effect map makes people feel warm, common types are:BURSA BEIGE,botticino,Kombassam Cream,Royal Beige,Golden Beige,Crema Marfil,Giallo Royal Tafu,Crema Nova Select,GOLD SPIDER

The quality of the marble appearance can be identified from the following:

(1) Determine the tone of the pattern

(2) Check surface defects

(3) View mark

Chinese marble resources features:

(1) The color is more complete and the variety is diverse, and the series has been formed.

(2) Good quality and best-selling Chinese marble products are of good quality, fine texture, elegant color, beautiful patterns, gloss, decorative performance and performance.

(3) In the proven reserves, the stone varieties are mainly in the mid-range, and the high-grade is less

(4) Some high-quality marble deposits are located in remote mountainous areas, and there are still major difficulties in development.

Marble is mainly used for processing into various shapes and plates, as walls, floors, platforms and columns of buildings, and is also often used for commemorative materials such as monuments, towers, statues, etc. Marble can also be carved into practical art such as arts and crafts, stationery, lamps and utensils. The texture of the marble is soft and beautiful, elegant and elegant, and it is an ideal material for decorating luxury buildings and a traditional material for art carving.

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