Marble is often used in interior decoration. Natural marble and granite differ from marble slabs for indoor use. Granite is used for outdoor, marble walls, marble dining tables, cabinets, etc. The price of different marble slabs is different. For the marble on the countertop, we generally use polished marble plates. Our marble prices are all factory wholesale sales prices.
How to Choose a Good Natural Marble:
1: Choose a Level:
According to the allowable deviation of the specification size, the allowable tolerance of flatness and angle, as well as the appearance quality, surface finish and other indicators, the marble plate is divided into three grades: superior grade, first grade and qualified grade; the grade and identification of marble sheet are mainly It is identified by the detection of instruments and gauges.
2: Appearance Quality:
Different grades of marble slabs have different appearances.
Because marble is naturally formed, defects are inevitable. At the same time, the advantages and disadvantages of processing equipment and measuring tools are also the cause of sheet defects. Some plates are not full (warped or sunken), and the plates are defective (cracks, blisters, stains, etc.), and the plate specifications are different (such as lack of edges and corners, plate body is not correct).
3: Pattern Tone:
The marble plates are colorful, the colors are varied, and the patterns are the same. This is the precious charm of marble plates.
The color tone is basically the same, the color difference is small, and the beautiful pattern is the specific performance of the excellent variety, otherwise it will seriously affect the decorative effect.
4: Surface Gloss:
The surface gloss of the marble sheet will greatly affect the decorative effect. In general, the polished surface of high-quality marble plates should have a mirror-like luster that clearly reflects the scene. However, due to the different chemical composition of different quality marbles, even the same grade of products, the difference in gloss will be great.
Of course, there will be some differences in the gloss of the surface of the board between different grades of the same material. In addition, the strength and water absorption of marble sheets are also important indicators for evaluating the quality of marble.
How to Identify Whether Marble is Natural Marble:
The texture of the artificial marble is to imitate the regular lines of natural marble, and the color is clearly visible. Under the same specifications, the amount of artificial marble is relatively light. The texture and color of natural marble are naturally formed, and the texture chaos is naturally formed, solid, polished and polished like a mirror, and the texture is more stretchy and beautiful than granite. The compressive strength is high. And it is heavier in weight than artificial marble. Through the hydrochloric acid test, a drop of natural marble will have a rich foam on the surface, and the artificial marble will not show obvious foam.
Each piece of natural marble has a unique natural pattern and color. High-quality marble furniture will use a whole piece of stone raw materials to match the materials used in different parts. The main part will have a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural texture, and the corners will be used in the back of the chair, stigma and other parts to embellish.
There is a simpler way to identify artificial and natural marble: a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid are dripped, natural marble is violently foamed, and artificial marble is weak or even non-foaming.
The texture of natural marble is more beautiful and shiny, especially for some imported stone, the gloss is better. Naturally, it is rarely used in kitchen countertops or oily places (because the density of natural materials is uneven and loose, it is difficult to clean once it meets the dirt!) The interface is obvious!
Compared with the former, artificial marble has the advantages of environmental protection and uniformity of density and aesthetics after interface grinding. Therefore, the current dosage is relatively large. Like some villa bathrooms, most of them use artificial marble veneer instead of ceramic tile. ! (It is also ok in appearance, and it is inferior in terms of gloss).
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