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quarzite tiles is widely used in indoor floors, kitchen countertops, kitchen countertops, office countertops, window sills and dining tables, coffee table tops, etc. It can also be used as a high-end furniture accessory. nonporous quarzite is soft, elegant, crystal-clear, and has a small color difference. never fade, quarzite tiles have a hard, wear-resistant mechanical character.

quartz stone is currently used as a cabinet countertop,the price of quartz countertop countertops is now very favorable,The quartz stone slabs produced by our company can be customized according to different needs of customers. Quartz stone has the advantages of not easy to scratch, simple cleaning and high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

The Use of Quartz Stone:
At present, it is widely used as a cabinet countertop, and there are also a small number of ground wall (replaced ceramic) decoration used as an extraordinary commercial space such as high-end public places.
Quartz Stone Compared With Other Artificial Stone Products:
At present, the main cabinet countertop materials at home and abroad are fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone and so on. Among them, quartz stone countertops are most favored by the market for their quality.
A: Ingredients:
Quartz stone is made up of 93% natural quartz (SiO2) as the main material, and is added with saturated resin, mineral pigment, compounding agent and additives.
Artificial stone is made by polymerizing natural ore powder, resin and natural pigments. The main component of the ore powder is aluminum hydroxide Al(OH)3, and some low-grade artificial stone even uses calcium carbonate CaCO3 as the main raw material.
B: Product Comparison:
1. Fire Board Top:
The fireproof board top is currently being widely welcomed by its low price. The fireproof board top is made of MDF and the facing is fireproof board. Thickness: 4mm, colorful and diverse, fireproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, easy to clean. However, the pressure resistance, scratch resistance and hardness cannot meet the requirements, and the service life is short. As a result, fireproof countertops have become less and less able to meet consumer demand, and market share has fallen from just 30% to less than 5%.
2, Stainless Steel Countertops:
Stainless steel countertops are rugged and easy to clean. However, the single color of the stainless steel countertops feels uncomfortable, not warm, and lacks the warmth of the family. It is no longer favored by people who emphasize personality and advocate return to nature. At present, the market share is about 8%.
3. Natural Stone: Marble, Granite and Jade
Natural stone is divided into marble, granite, jade and other natural stone with natural texture, more beautiful, but natural stone has pores, easy to deposit grease, and natural stone brittleness, can not make more than 1 meter of countertops, countertops made of natural stone There are seams, and these seams are also prone to dirt and affect hygiene. Natural stone is hard and resistant to corrosion, abrasion, water, fire, and easy to clean, making traditional countertop materials. However, the length of natural stone cannot be too long, sometimes it is difficult to meet the length of the kitchen countertop, and granite has strong radioactivity. If it exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to the human body; although the marble looks durable and practical, it is actually resistant to dirt. It is not strong. If you put a heavy liquid such as soy sauce, it will easily penetrate into the texture and it is difficult to clean. The natural stone countertops once accounted for less than 80% of the total market. With the pursuit of quality of life and health, natural stone countertops have become increasingly unable to meet people's needs, and the market share has dropped sharply by only about 20%.
4. Artificial Stone Countertops:
It is divided into imported and domestically produced, and stone powder is added into man-made fiber by high temperature and high pressure. Its main features are brilliant and colorful, with no pores on the surface, strong stain resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and easy cleaning. The processing of deformation, bonding, turning and other parts is unique; because there is no pore on the surface, oil stains and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, so the anti-fouling force is strong; the joint can be seamlessly bonded at any length, and the adhesive of the same material will be two After the block is bonded, it is polished and integrated. However, artificial stone is easily scratched, hardness is not enough, and antibacterial and environmental protection are not ideal.
5, Quartz Stone:
Comparison with the above countertop materials. Quartz stone is made of quartz stone crystal, resin and trace pigment under vacuum condition to make large-size plate by isomeric polymerization technology. Its quartz crystal body is as high as 94%, making its texture harder and tighter. Decorative materials can not match the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and penetration resistance. The colorful combination gives it a natural stone texture and a beautiful surface finish. Quartz stone countertops have superiority that other materials can't match. Once they are produced, they are sought after by people. However, due to the immature technology, only a few manufacturers in the world can produce quartz stone countertops, and the price of quartz countertops is extremely expensive. . At the same time, with the further maturity of production technology, quartz stone will be more cost-effective than other artificial stone (resin has a price far higher than the price of quartz), while quartz stone is the higher the content of quartz, the lower the resin quantity, the better the quality. The closer to nature, the less likely it is to deform.

What is the Difference Between Quartz Stone, Natural Marble and Artificial Stone:

1: Natural Marble:

Based on natural stone

Advantages: Durable, the material is quartz stone, durable, the material color is quartz stone, artificial stone can not be produced

Disadvantages: The stone has high radiation and has a hole inside, which is easy to mold.
2: Artificial Stone.

Artificial stone refers to artificial stone solid surface material, artificial stone quartz stone, artificial stone granite and the like. The types of artificial stone are different and their composition is not the same. The ingredients are mainly resin, aluminum powder, pigment and curing agent.

Advantages: the price is cheaper;

Disadvantages: soft, easy to scratch; poor leakage resistance; easy to mold; susceptible to pollution; its fire resistance is not high.
3: Quartz Stone.

Artificial quartz stone is composed of more than 90% natural quartz and about 10% colorant, resin and other additives to adjust adhesion, curing and the like. It is a plate that has been subjected to vacuum production, high-frequency vibration molding, and temperature curing (the temperature is determined according to the type of curing agent).

Advantages: not easy to scratch, hard texture; has a certain sterilization effect; corrosion resistance, simple cleaning; high temperature resistance.

Disadvantages: the price is higher.

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