The main types of sandstone are quartz sandstone, feldspar sandstone and lithic sandstone:
1: Quartz sandstone: The content of quartz and siliceous cuttings accounts for more than 95% of the total sand grade debris, containing only a small amount or no feldspar, cuttings and heavy minerals. The crumb particles are mainly composed of single crystal quartz, and the roundness and sorting are better, and the composition maturity and structural maturity are the highest. Less heterogeneous, particle support. When the hetero group is >15%, it is called quartz sandstone. Quartz sandstone is mainly formed in a stable geotectonic environment. The topography is quasi-plain, and the mother rock is weathered for a long time. Most of the denuded products are formed in the ocean (such as beach) environment, which is strongly selected by waves and water flow and slowly accumulated by repeated abrasion. . It is often symbiotic with carbonate deposits and constitutes a quartz sandstone-sea carbonate formation, such as the Upper Cambrian in the Taipei half of North China.
2: Feldspar sandstone: The content of feldspar debris accounts for more than 25% of the total amount of sand grade debris. Among them, the quartz content is <75%, which can contain more mica and heavy minerals. The cement is mainly calcium and iron, often containing clay hetero groups. When the hetero group is >15%, it belongs to feldspar sandstone. The crumb particles are generally sorted and have a roundness. The feldspar sandstone is often light yellow, meat powder or green ash. Feldspar sandstones can be divided into three categories according to their formation conditions, namely, feldspar sandstone, basement feldspar sandstone and feldspathic sandstone. The feldspar sandstone is generally in areas with strong tectonic movement. The parent rock is granite or granitic gneiss. The climate is dry and cold. It is mainly composed of physical weathering and is formed under strong erosion and rapid accumulation conditions. Most of them are deposited in the mainland, and there are fewer seas. Often stacked in front of a mountain or in a mountain basin. It has been found that many feldspar sandstones are formed in the continental rift. The Sinian system in Tangshan, Hebei Province produces feldspar sandstone, of which feldspar can exceed 50%.
3: Rock sandstone: The debris content accounts for more than 25% of the total sand grade debris. The quartz content is <75%, and may contain a small amount of feldspar (<10%), high heavy mineral content, and complex types. Cement is often siliceous and carbonated and often contains impurities. When the hetero group is >15%, it is a rock and sandstone. The roundness and sorting of the crumb particles are moderate to poor. Often light gray, grayish green to dark gray. The cuttings composition is closely related to the properties of the parent rock in the source area, and the rock type can be further divided according to the cuttings composition. The lithic sandstone is a sandstone with low compositional maturity and structural maturity, which is mainly formed in the piedmont or mountain depression of the strong structural change zone.
Use of sandstone:
As a natural building material, sandstone is highly regarded by fashion and natural architects and is widely used in commercial and home decorating. At present, Australian sandstone, Indian sandstone, Spanish sandstone and Chinese sandstone have been exploited in the world. Among them, the colors and patterns that are most popular among architects are Australian sandstone. Australian sandstone is an ecological and environmentally-friendly stone. Its products are characterized by no pollution, no radiation, no reflection, no weathering, no discoloration, heat absorption, heat preservation and anti-skid.
Products include sandstone round sculptures, embossed murals, carved flower boards, art flower pots, sculpture fountains, style fireplaces, Roman columns, door and window sets, lines, frames, lighting, panels, beams, home accessories, environmental sculptures, architectural detail sculptures, Garden sculptures, campus sculptures, abstract sculptures, celebrity sculptures, European-style components, sandstone panels, hollow columns, openwork panels, molded rockeries, landscape sculptures (decorative sculptures, water sculptures). All products can be arbitrarily colored, painted, polished, and gold-plated according to requirements; and the surface of the work can be rough, delicate, cracked, natural gap and other real stone effects through technical treatment. The main production colors are yellow sandstone, white sandstone and red sandstone. Handmade, wear-resistant, durable and beautiful to use. The product is completely synthetic of inorganic materials and belongs to green environmental protection products.
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