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choos marble fireplace to install in your home,stone fireplace wall can be perfectly matched with outdoor marble fireplace,When considering which type of fireplace to install in your home or cottage.

In the European-style decoration style, the marble fireplace is indispensable. The fireplace has a variety of styles but is very style-oriented. The stone fireplace and the decoration environment can perfectly set the style of the owner. The common fireplace has a sandstone fireplace and a marble fireplace. According to different countries, it can be divided into Russian fireplaces, American fireplaces and so on.

1: Advantages of the marble fireplace:
(1) The decorative effect is good. Marble is a kind of natural stone. The internal texture of the material is clear, and each stripe road is unique. Nowadays, people use this material to make various colors to meet the requirements of different styles of living room. The fireplace made of this material has very good performance in blocking the fire source, which can ensure the safety of the room to the utmost extent. Many young people are looking at the decoration effect of the fireplace, so they don't really put fuel inside, just use it to create a warm atmosphere in the living room.
(2) The heating effect is good. As we all know, air-conditioning is driven by electricity. Although it can achieve heating in a short time, the wind it blows out is very dry. People will feel uncomfortable in this environment for a long time. The marble fireplace is heated by charcoal fire, and the heating spreads evenly around, which does not form a strong impact on the human body. This is a healthy heating method.
(3) Long service life. Marble is a kind of stone formed in the movement of the earth's crust. It has the advantages of high density and good wear resistance. The marble fireplace made by it can last for 30 years. Nowadays, in many European palace buildings, fireplaces of this material are still installed. If the family accidentally puts heavy objects on the fireplace, it will not cause the material to crack.
2: Disadvantages of marble fireplaces:
(1) A cigarette outlet is required. If you want to install a fireplace, you must reserve a smoke pipe. Nowadays, the houses in the residential area tend to be the same. They are built by the openers. The space available to the owners is very small, and there is basically no condition for installing the fireplace. The marble fireplaces installed in these homes are generally decorated and will not be heated. Only some villas have a true effect.
(2) High fuel costs. Marble fireplaces need to rely on a lot of fuel to increase the temperature of the entire living room. Nowadays, China's energy resources are already very high, and the resources are very limited. In this case, the sales price of energy is also high. It comes to warm, so the cost is higher.
3: Installation notes for marble fireplace:
In the rapid combustion of energy, there will be a lot of smoke, even if the chimney is installed in the fireplace, it is impossible to prevent some of the gas from being released into the room. Once you have decided to install a marble fireplace in the living room, you must open more windows to ensure that the living room has good ventilation conditions so that the smoke can float outdoors. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that when installing a marble fireplace, the opening of the furnace should not be too large. If the chimney mouth is poured into the wind, then at the moment of ignition, the flame will quickly smash out, and the opening of the furnace is larger, which may cause harm. The greater the sex.
4: Maintenance of marble fireplace:
Initially, the fireplace was mainly made of wood. The inner furnace was coated with mud and plaster. Later, due to the low ignition point of the wood, the marble material used by many people made the fireplace. The marble surface was smooth and clean. It should be noted that due to the large amount of soot generated by the burning of wood, the interior of the fireplace needs to be cleaned in time. At the same time, the accumulated coke ash is prone to appear on the outer wall of the marble. To avoid affecting the appearance of the living room, the ash around the fireplace should be cleaned regularly with a wet rag. clean.
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