What Are Common in Marble Tiles:

1. The marble we usually see is processed and cut into pieces of Marble material. In general, the Marble Slabs are rated at around 180 CM* 60 CM and are primarily limited by mining equipment and haul roads. Of course, there are also some Stones with a cutting height of 100CM, also known as Slabs.

2. The common Marble Tiles for floor coverings are 80CM*80CM, which has been tested and is the most suitable Marble Tiles for paving. If the size is too large, it is easy to cause arching and chipping during the laying process, and if it is too small, it will take too much manpower and energy.

3. Common small marble tiles in the room are 30CM*30CM, 30CM*45CM, 30CM*60CM, 60CM*60CM, 80CM*80CM, which can be cut and pieced together during use. Large pieces of marble material are relatively rare because of its high mining and transportation costs.
Marble Pros and Cons full Resolution:
1. Advantages of Use

a:  Marble can be made into environmentally friendly decorative materials, will not release a lot of radiation and harmful substances in the process of use, can be widely used in various interior walls, floor decoration, to create a occupant A safer, healthier and more comfortable home living environment.

b:  Marble has a long service life. Compared with traditional decorative materials, it has better anti-aging and anti-deformation. During use, it is not prone to cracking, breakage and shedding. According to relevant data, its service life is about 50-80 years.

c:  Marble is easy to process, can cut, saw, punch, engrave and many other processes, reducing the burden on the builder. Moreover, the polished marble is as clean as a mirror, the texture is natural and clear, and has a good decorative effect, which can enhance the visual effect of the interior decoration.
2. Use Disadvantages:

a:  There are some impurities in Marble. Most of them will be affected by water and carbon dioxide in the air during use, which will cause weathering and erosion. Only a few marble varieties can be used as interior materials.

b:  Pure natural marble and Granite has a certain amount of radioactivity. If it is not controlled during processing, it will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that when you buy Marble products, it is best to choose a regular manufacturer to purchase, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the variety of colors.
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