Stone Column & Pillar is a wide variety of applications, including a wide range of stone columns, square columns, pilasters, marble columns in both architectural and non-construction, widely used, large and coarse granite pillars, can reflect the construction, non- The grandeur and grandeur of the building structure, the solid pillars or hollow pillars commonly used in stone pillars, the stone used is marble granite limestone travertine sandstone jade.

Natural Stone Column Type:
Railing Line:
Used as a line for railings.
Eaves Line:
The lines installed at the eaves.
Window Cover:
A line that forms a window arch at the window.
Light Body Column:
Columns whose column surface is not otherwise processed.
Tapered Column:
The prime lines on the surface of the column are extended to intersecting columns.
The plain lines on the surface of the column are parallel columns.
Spindle Column:
The cross-sectional shape is the column of the spindle.
Roman Column:
The column has a column of Roman grooves on its surface.
Plum Blossom Column:
The cross-sectional shape is a plum-shaped column.
New Column:
A column having a cross-sectional shape that is a thread.
Multicolor Column:
A column that is bonded by a variety of stone materials.
Stigma (Column Top):
The part mounted on the uppermost part of the column is called the column head.
Column Waist:
The part that is installed at the waist position of the column is called the column waist.
Column Seat:
The part installed at the bottom of the column is called the column seat.
A small cylinder that is mounted on the door, pushes and pulls the door.
Square Columns:
A column with a rectangular cross section.
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