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natural cultural stone wall stone is generally made of slate,sandstone,quartz and granite´╝înatural dry cut cultural stone wall stone is quarried or fieldstone material in its natural state,we have the best quarry sourced natural cultural stone wall stone for your.

Natural culture stone is a stone deposit mined in nature. Among them, slate, sandstone and quartz stone have been processed into a decorative building material. Natural culture stone material is hard, bright color, rich texture and different styles. It has the characteristics of compression resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance and low water absorption. The main characteristic of natural culture stone is durability, not afraid of dirt, and can be scrubbed indefinitely. However, the decorative effect is limited by the original texture of the stone. Except for the square stone, other constructions are more difficult, especially when splicing.
Natural cultural stone classification:
Natural cultural stones are divided into two categories: one is sedimentary sandstone and the other is hard slate.
The common cultural stones on the market are roughly introduced as follows:
Slate: Natural slate has a special layered slab. Its grain is clear and picturesque, the texture is delicate and dense, and the air is extraordinary. The nature of the sea is on the stone, expressing a feeling of returning to the true.
Sandstone: The surface and texture of sandstone has an original atmosphere, like the undulating sand dunes of the desert, like the gentle sandy beaches of the sea. It is the perfect combination of overall harmony and detail change {TodayHot}. The color of sandstone is distinct, white as ice and snow, yellow if fine sand, and red to win magma. It is like the calm character of grinding for hundreds of years, solemn and elegant.
Corrosion board: The rust board has the types of powder rust, water rust, jade rust, purple rust, etc. The color is beautiful and the pattern is changeable. Each piece is unique. The rust board has a warm affinity and gives a natural, original, mysterious and romantic feeling in a relaxed atmosphere.
Tile board: Natural tile is the ultimate slate layered piece, only a few millimeters thick, light and tough. The arrangement or superposition of various types of tile panels can make the roof more three-dimensional. A combination of colors makes the building more vital.
Mushroom twist: mushroom stone has the shape of ancient castle wall stone, dignified and unrestrained, the rough appearance is very three-dimensional, giving people nostalgic feelings. The mushroom stone is carefully crafted by hand. The color can be adjusted freely, and the grain can also run freely. Therefore, the overall effect is unique.
Yuhua Stone: Natural rain stone is collected in the riverbed, with colorful and charming texture. The artificial pebbles are broken by large pieces of stone machinery, and then scoured by sharp grinding. The color is bright and the water is more colorful. The stones of the rain stone are round and jade, and a flowing architectural movement is built up like a note.

natural stone is a building material that is environmentally friendly:
As a natural building material, natural stone does not contain any dangerous elements that are harmful to health. It can be used directly in the processing field. Natural stone is a completely flame-retardant building material, equivalent to Class A building materials in the DIN 4102 standard. Even in the event of a fire, natural stone does not release harmful substances and gases. Natural stone does not require chemical aids such as protective paints, preservatives and coatings during the construction of the building.
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