The characteristics of granite include high load-bearing capacity, pressure resistance and good abrasive ductility. Granite is also easy to cut and shape, and can create thin plates, large plates, etc. Granite has superior durability.

Due to the high density of granite, stains are difficult to invade; polished granite slabs and granite tiles are already in an important position in the construction industry worldwide. Granite is also used in exterior wall packaging, roofing, flooring and a wide variety of floor coverings. Granite is suitable for the threshold, counter tops and outdoor floors. It is best to use dark granite in the counter top.

1. Red Granite

G687、Royal Rose、Xili Red、Huidong Red、Tianshan Red

2.Yellow-Red Granite

Mum Yellow、Tiger-Skin Yellow、Tropic Brown、Palo Gold、Desert Gold、Rustic Yellow

3.White Granite

Sesame White、Pearl White、Arabescato、Bethel White、Ceara White、Spary White

4.Black Granite

Black Guangxi、G654、China Black、G684、Andesite

5.Cyan Granite

Dark Green Of Ji'nan、
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