The Processing of Stone Tiles:

1. Choose The Blocks:
According to the order under the business, choose the material, size, color, and the appropriate block of grain.

2. Plastic Surgery:
The blocks are trimmed in multiples of the size of the specification plate in the order to prevent the material from being affected.

Granite Shaping Machine: wire cutting machine
Marble Shaping Machine: single-chip saw

3. Block Open the Board:
The marble texture is relatively soft and sawn with a frame saw; the granite is hard and sawn with a sand saw.

4. Discharge:
The sawn large board is shipped out.

5. Glue Screening:
Marble Slabs is relatively soft in texture, requiring a layer of fiber mesh on the back, scraping rubber reinforcement, smoothing holes, and scraping glue.

6. Large Plate Polishing:
Smooth the surface of the stone and smooth it.

7. Receipt into The Warehouse:
The receiving party will accept the warehousing and fill in the code list, and the unqualified Slabs will be reworked; the quality inspection clerk will be put into storage.
The quality inspection department staff determines the level according to the Slabs board quality and processing quality and stamps the level chapter.

8. Finished Large Board:
Dump to the warehouse for sightseeing and material selection.

9. Intercepting the Specification Board:
Marble Granite Slabs are cut into Tiles according to the size of the processing unit, using a mechanical: infrared bridge cutter.

10. Typesetting, Numbering:
The cut Grenite Marble tiles are formatted and color-coded according to the plan to optimize the overall effect. After adjusting the color, write the corresponding number of each Marble Granite Tiles on the processing sheet on the back and side of the Tiles. Finally, the board is closed in the order of the labels.

11. Packing and Delivery:
When packing, the inside of the wooden box is covered with 20mm thick foam insulation. The isolation between the Tiles and Tiles is used to protect the finished board to ensure the safety of the product to the customer.
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