The Basic Process of Production and Processing of Stone Slabs and Engineering Plates:
1:The Stone Slabs:
    The stone is cut and polished from the block material and then decorated in a hotel and other places, beautiful and generous, but there are many cumbersome procedures in the process of processing.
    The basic processing flow of the large plate: material selection----saw-----drying----back mesh-----scraping glue----grinding-----packaging---- Storage (the marble sawing equipment is frame saw and sand saw, the main difference is: the frame saw is a saw blade, and the saw blade has a blade, while the saw blade has no blade, but the cooling water is mixed with gold steel sand, relying on The friction of the gold steel sand is sawn; the back net is mainly used on the marble slab. Because the marble has more cracks, less strength and is easy to break, the back net increases its strength; the squeegee on the large board is used to fill the sheet. The hole on the same, the same, the glue penetrates into the stone, the luminosity is better after grinding and polishing, and its strength is also greater; the grinding and throwing line equipment is called automatic grinding, also called grinding and throwing line, because of different manufacturers, there are fourteen grinding heads. There are twenty grinding heads, the abrasives are arranged from the lower model to the higher model, and then the assembly line is used in sequence, and then the assembly line is used, from the wool board to the light board, once in place. Some granites will also be backed up due to poor strength, and at the same time, In order to compensate for defects such as holes and claws on the board, scraping glue is also applied on the board surface)
2:The Stone Engineering Slabs:
    Basic process: material selection---discharge----interface----typesetting-----repair----machining----grinding-----inspection----- Packaging and storage
    1. Material selection and discharge: Since each project is different in materials and the material color changes greatly, in order to ensure the engineering effect and greatly increase the material yield rate, the material size should be And the color of the screening, (what color is used in the project, what size and size can improve the material output, etc.), in order to meet the engineering needs and cost control.
    2. Interface: According to the engineering drawings, the plates are divided according to the specifications. The cutting of various specifications is the key in this process. The combination of various specifications directly affects the yield of the materials.
    3. Typesetting: According to the engineering drawings, the pre-arrangement of each decorative surface of each part of the project is carried out, so that the effect of the material after the installation is completed can be better controlled, and the defects on the plate are repaired to ensure The better effect of the finish.
    4. Machining: In order to better reflect the effect of engineering decoration, especially in the wall stone, the edge of the board will be processed in various shapes. In order to improve the quality of the work efficiency, the machine will be used to carry out various shapes on the board. Processing (such as squatting, grooving, styling, etc.).
    5. Grinding and polishing: This grinding and polishing is not the same as the large plate grinding and polishing, but the principle is the same. It is to use various types of abrasives to polish the processing parts of the plate machine to achieve the decorative effect (where the process is basically pure Manual work requires high technical requirements. In addition, the tools used are mainly hand-held sanders, which use various types of grinding discs to polish and polish the machined matte parts of the board.
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