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What is Exotic Stone

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With the improvement of living conditions, people’s demand of quality is higher and higher, and the taste of culture and art is more and more special like choosing stone as decorative material. Moreover, in some luxurious decorations, common stones can’t meet people’s demand any more, so that the exotic stone appears spontaneously. However, what is exotic stone? And why more and more people like it? Now let me the editor from share some knowledge of exotic stone with you together.
The main characters of exotic stone:
1. Rare and precious material: we all know that the material of common stone is marble, granite or limestone, but the material of exotic stone is quartzite, semi-precious stone or precious stone, some precious stones are even the main material of jewel. Apparently, the material is extremely rare and precious. For example, Azul Macaubas is one of the exotic stones made of quartzite.
Azul Macaubas
Blue is extremely rare in natural stone. Azul Macaubas, its veins are clear, smooth and elegant. It is highly recommended to decorate the inner wall and countertop.
2、Rich and beautiful color:The color of exotic stone is rich and natural, like Galaxy Area, fashionable and simple yellow color decorated by golden spot creates another different style. 
3、Variable veins: The veins of exotic stone are unique and variable. Different exotic stones have different veins, some are complicated and changeable and some are simple and gentle. For example: the veins of Ice Age is very beautiful and special, several panels form together can create a beautiful picture.
Ice Age used as background wall in villa. 
Ice Age, its streamlines flow through white, green and blue and generates the unimaginable mixture of galaxy, which inspires us to imagine freely.
To sum up, apart from three main characters mentioned above, exotic stone is hard to manufacture and difficult to imitate. All in all, with the rare and precious material as well as variable and beautiful colors and veins, exotic stone is more and more popular in decoration field. 
The application of exotic stone cannot only make the entire space be luxurious but also can show people the owner’s special taste. Exotic stone will be the trends of luxurious personality in the short future.
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